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New adventure game Kickstarter launched - The Forgotten Pyramid


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2 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

I, for one, would be very interested in investigating and documenting this case.  This could be one of the first scams of this level of sophistication at this level of interest.

I agree, this was an extraordinarily sophisticated scam, and I have to believe deeper investigation and documentation would have value, particularly for security experts who are constantly trying to stay ahead of these sorts of emerging threats.


I'm wondering if a high-level cybersecurity organization might even have an interest in this.  Specifically, CISA (The U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) comes to mind.

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3 hours ago, Garry said:

The Kickstarter page includes a 16-minute video with voice-over and demonstrations of the game running on various platforms. This means that the "hacker" had also stolen the source code for the game, compiled it to run on various platforms, had intimate knowledge of PunyInform and the tool chain needed to compile to those platforms and stolen Chris' voice, as well. Yes, certainly a sophisticated scam.


This seems more like the work of a foreign state or a security/intelligence service rather than just a single individual "hacker".


I would be very reluctant to investigate too deeply for fear of drawing unwanted attention to myself.  

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On 8/23/2023 at 4:50 PM, Shift838 said:



I have been in the hospital for over a week and just got home this past weekend.


I have been doing all my correspondence from my phone, but it stopped working and since it is a company phone I had to wait until I went back to work (monday) to have it looked at.


Well in short, it was hacked/cloned or whatever while I was in the hospital and whoever did it had access to all my facebook, etc..  luckily it is a work phone so they did not have access to my banking info.  But facebook, atariage, etc..  they had. I think they even spoofed my IP.


In short.  I did not start a kickstarter for this and was not planning to do so.  I do have a plan to do something for other games but I am working with Scott Adams to gain approvals for new games (not coded yet).  I have reset passwords on many sites and still trying to find everywhere this has been posted to get them removed or respond.  I was able to get the kickstart project cancelled.


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When I first saw the OP, I thought, this is not what I've come to expect from SHIFT838.


I've used a HOSPITAL's, network before. My immediate feeling was that the inappropriate experiences were likely founded within the network's ADMINISTRATION.


Plus, they seemed to give me a wide birth, only experienced hacker\scammers would know to do that. Especially considering; I'd have probably already seen their faces!


If anyone they know had spoken to me, they would already know that I sometimes; PLAY FOR KEEPS...



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