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SOLD: Commodore 64 Disk Collection


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I picked up a HUGE lot last year and it included some stuff I'll never appreciate as much I imagine a Commodore-Lover will.  This listing is for a collection of about 350 floppy disks with retail labels.  The diskette holders in the videos are included in the sale.  The diskettes are wholly untested and I make no guarantee.  That said, the lot they came with included an equal number of diskettes for the Atari 8-Bit, and about 9 of 10 in the approximately 100 I tried work fine.


I absolutely LOVE flipping through a great big box of floppy disks, and how much sweeter it is when they have their retail labels.  If you are likewise smitten in the Commodore way, this collection is for you.


Price $400 + actual shipping from US zip code 07666.

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