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Tray 4 (homebrew)


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On the home screen you can choose 1 or 2 players using the left or right joystick.
In the case of 1 player you will play against the computer.
You are a waiter and the aim of the game is to try to fill the tray in the center of the screen with 4 objects. Each turn you have 3 moves available (green rectangles) that can be selected by moving the joystick left or right. By pressing shoot the move is performed according to the following rule: the objects in the tray corresponding to those in dark green will be modified; if present they will be removed, if absent they will be placed.
For example, if I press the move selected in the figure, the objects will be modified in the following way.


Every time you manage to complete the tray with 4 objects, you get 1 point + 1 point for each move you make (from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3).

Presings fire on empty green rectangle you change turn.
Whoever reaches 21 points first wins.

Regards Alberto



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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Tray 4 on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!





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