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NEW GAME : Pyramid Warp


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Hello Everyone,


Here's the new game we've just announced, which will enable you to save on postage costs (in connection with the end of the services offered by the Post Office for our reduced-rate shipments).

The new game is PYRAMID WARP.

We're offering it as a single edition this time, but with a few extras, since in addition to the now traditional mini poster in our boxes, we're adding 9 encyclopedia cards.
With the Norseman 2 cards (18 cards) and those already produced, we now have 39 cards dedicated to intellivision (out of a total of 223!).

The sacred link

: https://cotegamers.com/shop/en/accueil/173-stop-the-express-intellivision.html


We had to set up several new carriers to compensate for the post office. The system is still subject to a few bugs, so if you have any problems with delivery to our store, please contact us/me.


The box




The poster/instructions


The 2 overlays



Note that this time there is a small and mysterious bonus with this game : special cards to use with our next game but ssht!


A word about shipping costs.


We'll be sending Pyramid Warp at the same time as Norseman 2 and your other orders. Shipping costs will be high this time, especially for the USA, Canada and Australia.


-If you buy this game, we won't ask you to pay extra for your other orders, as we'll pass on the missing shipping costs to the small profit on the game.

You'll save a little on shipping costs, since you won't have to add anything.


-If you don't order this game and you have other orders in progress, we'll ask you to top up the shipping costs. You can of course cancel your orders, and we'll refund your money without further ado!


We've tried to limit the number of additional shipping charges. When you buy this game, it's as if you're paying the top-up, but not actually doing it. We think this is a good compromise.


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22 minutes ago, wolfy62 said:

Ordered! Thank you Tanuki and Cote Gamers.

Glad you were able to work out a solution to your postal situation. 

Looking forward to playing both games please keep making more.


Thank you.


Using the post office was an ordeal, with too many losses, returns and complications. Normally, the post office works well for "normal" parcels, but here the special conditions had deteriorated to such an extent that it was starting to annoy us anyway in addition to ruining us and give a bad image to our supporters!). In the end, the changes they imposed allowed us to go elsewhere without remorse.

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7 hours ago, tanuki said:

We've modified the overlay a little, to include all the side buttons ^^.

wow, thank you for the consideration.


many of the traditional overlays that have the same function for both side buttons would use a label like this, so it doesn't cover much of the artwork:







See the difference?



You don't even need to change the font size - it fits right there without any changes.


Pause does not need the triangle because that is the button to push, but Move does need the triangle because you are directing the Move down to the disc (like the Shoot is pointing to the side buttons)


I like the right side version:


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P.S. are you planning also to update all the rest of the artwork?  If not, the clashing styles between the cartoony box cover and the spooky overlay is more than a bit distracting.


Both are very good, for sure; but I suggest you pick a style and make it consistent.



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25 minutes ago, tanuki said:

We were proposing two different styles each time to contrast with the other. So the idea wasn't unanimous?

I would make the overlay so that the entire photo/graphic fit inside the frame. 

Also, is there anything those of us with outstanding orders need to do to combine it with Pyramid War (in my case, Norseman 2) to Monique the shipping costs?

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