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The Gem Collector (by Treefall Studios) - (in VCS Store)


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The Gem Collector by TreeFall Studios is now available on the Atari VCS store priced at only £2.39. The description on the store states the game is a 2D platformer, run, jump, fight enemies and solve puzzles in over 21 unique levels. I've just picked the game up, will hopefully get to try it out soon but it looks fairly decent for the price from the screenshots.

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Its a very good game for the price and I've been enjoying it so far 🙂. I've been lucky enough to never be hit with the zip code issue but it's definitely an issue that should have been taken care of months ago! I actually thought it was fixed at one point but I've seen more and more people on the Discord server bring the issue up again. I really don't understand why its such a difficult issue to fix, they should add an alternative method of paying for games such as Paypal etc that would get round the problem.

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