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L'il Bro Battleship, a new recreation of an unreleased game for the Unisonic Champion (and Inty)


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Hey all,


Following on from Hangman, Battleship is my second recreation of an unreleased Unisonic Champion game:



In this case, all we have to go on is a description from the 1978 GI TV Game Circuits catalog:

Although this doesn't sound terribly inspiring, the rules that define where ships may be placed makes the game slightly more strategic than some variants.  Certainly, it's possible to do better than randomly selecting locations to shoot at.  Play testing suggests that the game is quite well balanced, with it being possible to win a little over 50% of the time when played carefully.


You'll find the game for both the Unisonic Champion and Intellivision, complete with box art, instructions and overlays in this zip archive:



While we're talking about the Unisonic Champion...

On 1/25/2018 at 5:49 PM, nanochess said:

Next step, homebrew cartridges for the Unisonic Champion. :)


Be careful what you wish for @nanochess... ;)



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On 9/19/2023 at 9:35 PM, nanochess said:

Wow! 🤯


Simply amazing! You sir have my respect!

He could have my respect too, but unfortunately I think I already gave it to @intvnut, @nanochess, and a few others.  I'm all out!


(Psssst!  @nanochess, can I borrow some of your respect to give to @decle?)




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This looks cool! 


I realize it's tested only on jzIntv, but I was wondering if there were any tricky requirements to getting it to work? I pride myself on Nintellivision (for the DS/DSi) being pretty compatible with everything but I can't get it to start the game. With JLP enabled (and ECS just for better sound), I can get to the LilBro title screen with nice music... and get to the main Battleship title screen but as soon as I press YES or NO buttons on the keypad, I am shown the battleship grid but then nothing else is functional - no buttons work and I'm not seeing any screen activity (the Battleship text that would normally scroll up the left-side of the screen does not start).  I'll keep poking around but perhaps I'm just missing something obvious.


My emulator has similar issues with lilBroHangman - and that was on my list to dig into but with two lilBro ports/re-implementations, it's moved to the top of my list!


Thanks, as always, for your efforts!



Edit:  @decle was kind enough to send me a .bin/.cfg which works fine. The game utilizes some 8-bit RAM which and that's led me to realize that I don't handle writeable segments when parsing the .ROM file. Not that it was really any surprise that the problem was on my side :)  I should have a fix soon!


Edit2:  Fixed. Checked in as Nintellivision version 4.2a.  I now parse the .ROM enable table and if there are any writable areas, I mark them as RAM (8-bit or 16-bit based on bit 2 "NARROW" designation in the enable table of the .ROM)



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