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nanochess' store updated with 3 new games!


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Hi all.


At last, I've put together three new games in my digital store with ROM and PDF manuals (courtesy of the mighty @Rev and @mthompson)


And the games are... *ba dum tsss *... the crème de la crème: Castle of Death, Frankenstein's Monster, and Unlucky Pony's Adventures!




Enjoy it!


P.S: In case you want a physical copy, please ask @Rev because he could have some lying around although I couldn't guarantee it as these games came out some years ago.






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1 hour ago, Papa Pete said:

I had to have a couple of these Roms, @nanochess!  While I was ordering, I picked up a copy of your "Programming Games for the Intellivision" e-book.......


.....wouldn't that be something?  😁

Cool! It could mean that Rev can publish soon Papa Pete: The Videogame!


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