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How do you say XB's "COINC"?


How do you say XB's "COINC"?  

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  1. 1. How do you say XB's "COINC"?

    • "CO-INCE" just like "Coincidence"
    • "COINC" like "Oink!" of a pig
    • "COINCIDENCE" even though I type only COINC
    • something else

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Working in RXB to make an Assembly version of CALL COINC instead of the GPL version.



I say HCHAR as H Character, VCHAR as V Character, and GCHAR as Get Character.

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25 minutes ago, chue said:

I say "coinc" as in oink, and H"char" and V"char" per @RickyDean. 


Now how about the peripheral expansion box, do you say "peb" as in the first part of pebble, or do you spell it out P-E-B?  I use the first.

P-E-B or PeeBox

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If I remember correctly (it is quite a while since my last regular afternoon-spending time in BASIC), when I typed in a program from a magazine, I had "call H-character" and "call V-character" in mind; maybe also "call H-chara..." (with a mental voice fading into an incomprehensible muttering), in earlier times it was "call h-c-h-a-r", I think I spelt in German ("H" = "ha" (like "huh"), shorter than "aitch").

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8 hours ago, SteveB said:

Exactly ... I am always irritated when someone says it like "Karr" ... as in Character ... which is actually right. 

No, it'd be more like "care" if that were the case! ;)


Maybe I'm fortunate, most of my BASIC days I was the only person I knew with a TI, so I never dealt with all the pronunciations ;) I didn't know anyone cared till I got mocked on a Youtube video for saying "G-ROM" ;)


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47 minutes ago, senior_falcon said:

GEE-ROM seems reasonable to me, but I always thought and said GROM the way Joe hates.

Here's your chance to laugh at me. How do you say B$

Most seem to say BEE-DOLLAR

I always thought/said BEE-STRING

hehe, I do Bee-string ;)


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