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Vectrex Homebrew Permission and Programs wanted for the NEW "Ultimate Vectrex Multicart" !


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Vectrex Homebrew Permission and Programs wanted for the NEW "Ultimate Vectrex Multicart" !


Arcade Jason Kopp and Ralf Kornmann are working on a new multicart to replace the existing Super Vectrex Multicart (SVM) !

They are asking for your permission to permission to add your homebrew games and software to their new "Ultimate Vectrex Multicart" (UVM).

For version programs are preferred. But if you would like to create a version only for distribution on the Ultimate Vectrex Multicart they would be welcome too.

All types of home brew software is welcome. Games. Educational. Demos. Songs. Utilities. Diagnostic and Test.

I am sure the team of Jason and Ralf will once again over-deliver and under-price their new "Ultimate Vectrex Multicart" (UVM)!

Even if you have already given Jason and Ralf previous permission to include your Vectrex program into their current Super Vectrex Multicart, Jason would like to touch base with you again to renew the permission for the new "Ultimate Vectrex Multicart".

Please submit your Vectrex programs and permissions to Jason Kopp's email address: koppjason83@yahoo.com, with the subject "Vectrex Program Permission Grant for Ultimate Vectrex Multicart"

Gmail Message response: Here is email reponse link for use with Gmail
koppjason83@yahoo.com, Subject: Vectrex Program Permission Grant for Ultimate Vectrex Multicart

Alternatively, you can reach out to Jason Kopp via his
Facebook account @jason.kopp.923 (https://www.facebook.com/jason.kopp.923),
Respond in the Vectrex Fans Unite Post thread about this same same topic. (note group membership is required to post in this thread)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/104852679725118/?multi_permalinks=2210917792451919

Thank you in advance to any Vectrex Developer responding to this post. Even more appreciative if you allow your Vectrex program to be included into the new "Ultimate Vectrex Multicart".




Ultimate Vectrex Multicart Arcade Jason Kopp + Ralf Kornmann .jpg

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