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Vectrex 8-Bit Waves Charity Auction - Beluga Dreams #100 - Super Smash Blocks - Bail-Out


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Hi, all. I'm doing a charity auction with Beluga Dreams #100 and other neat stuff.
Beluga Dreams #100 comes in a blue translucent case with a selectable RGB LED on the PCB.
The auction also includes the current unreleased version of Super Smash Blocks, the unreleased motorcycle game demo I showed a while back (similar to Black Emperor) currently titled Bail-Out, a Beluga shirt, and a bunch of stickers and magnets.
The charity is The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity. I will cover shipping and handling. Whatever this auction achieves I'm very happy to be able to be a part of it.









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2 hours ago, ANDRAX said:

Can´t place a bid - Ebay says: Unfortunately, this item cannot be shipped to Germany. But don't give up just yet — Opens in new window or tab.find similar items offered by other sellers.😭

I'm very sorry ANDRAX. Here is what I just posted on Facebook.

Well this is extremely frustrating.
Apparently I have international shipping selected but because I didn't select a carrier it does not allow international bidders. It also won't let me add a service now that there are bids. I tried to get Ebay Customer Service to add it but it is against their policy.

I'm sorry to those that wanted to bid and are unable to. I'm pretty bothered by the situation.

The final blow in chat transcripts:

"You were actually able to turn on international shipping for this item, Nathan. What only lacks on it is the identified shipping service.
Melanie Jane

Is there any way you could add an international economy shipping service for me?

Like I have with domestic?

I would love to do that for you, Nathan. However we are not authorized to make any changes on your account as part of your privacy and security.
Melanie Jane

It will not let me add a shipping service. Is there anything I can do?

Since the listing already received bids, the option to add a shipping service is already grayed out, Nathan. I know this means a lot to you as a seller, what we can do right now is to provide future guidance for your upcoming listings if there is so that we can avoid this same situation."
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