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Atari 8 bit computer mini is coming

E. King

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Kewl! I want!


 Though I would hate to be the one that would have to decide on a case design. At least with the C64 there's really only 1 style that everyone recognizes instantly.

In this case (pun, yup!) if you picked 800, 800XL or 130XE, how many would be a little sad that their favorite 400, 600XL, 1200XL,  800XE wasn't chosen? OG vs XL vs XE.


 If I had to chose one, I think going with a 1450XLD design would be ideal. I imagine everyone would appreciate the sentiment & with that extra room under the hood, it would be popular for modding.


 Heck, while we're at it, in case (pun yup!) other companies are looking for something to do, think about a full scale micro atx or itx 1450XLD case with a rgb backlit mech keyboard. And don't forget to sell me a matching LCD monitor with speakers that fits perfectly on the top surface.

One can dream! :)


I Hope you are all doing great today!


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On 11/28/2023 at 9:21 AM, davidcalgary29 said:

My money is on a mini XL-ish case

That's what I would expect, being the most popular model and all. Yup I had one too! lol.  I'm thinking a mini 130XE might be better.. Put the that SD slot right in the back!

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