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The "Coleco Chameleon" lives?!?!?


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On 1/14/2024 at 11:22 PM, Greg2600 said:

I meant "emulation" in a generic sense, because something is translating 6502 instructions to z80 that the CV uses.  Ironically the Creativision MK-II was designed to do this with a CV expansion cart, that was never released.  All of those systems used the same VDP, so obviously that's the connection, and what makes it possible.  But you know, sometimes there's a difference in the palette, or the controls stink, etc.

the Colecovision Module for the Creativision has been somewhat released.  In fact the module exists for the VTech computer Laser 2001  which is no more less than a Creativision with a Keyboard and a little more Ram.   Most of the Creativision Game are i think compatible with the Laser 2001.

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