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Pal/NTSC switch


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Instead of the 4:3/16:9 switch, why didn't they make it a switch for Pal and NTSC instead?


Since this console was made to be released all over the world, they must have known, that the colors (and other issues) are messed up, if you play a NTSC cart on PAL, and the other way around. This has been a well known issue, for a long time.


The console uses Stella, right?

Why not offer an optional firmware, that changes the aspect ratio switch, to a region switch?

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I think re-purposing the aspect ratio switch as a palette switch is not a bad idea. There will always be a way on the TV settings to stretch 4:3 content to 16:9 for those who want it. In my memory, this is the first Atari 2600-emulating device that defaulted to presenting Atari 2600 4:3 games in 16:9, including real AV-modded 2600s with retro scalers, so it's unclear to me if it needed to be on the device.


For what it's worth, the 2600RGB switched between PAL and NTSC palettes automatically by detecting 50/60 Hz output, and also supported palette selection with a custom extra button installed on the console or on the controller.


Maybe it could be described as a NA/EU region switch!

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54 minutes ago, dancero said:

Can someone tell me if the sprites of the PAL version of Space Invaders look red?

there actualy exist 3 official versions of PAL space invaders, one with grey floor, other with green floor, and another with yellow floor, first apply the settigs I mentioned on the other thread and check if they are still red.


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