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Vexed - puzzle game


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7 hours ago, tmp said:

atari 800 version xex is broken, try changing "ff bf" to "8e 87" at offset 4

I tried doing this, but I assumed this was on the first line of the file. When I changed it to 8e 87, I just received a bunch of garbage errors when attempting to run the XEX in an emulator. Since the XEX loads on my Fujinet but not on my Ultimate Cart, I thought it would be worth a try to see if this change could make the game work on my Ultimate Cart.


I can leave a comment on the itch.io page, but I am assuming that I am not doing the hex edit correctly.


Bob C

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2 hours ago, tmp said:

if you're testing it in altirra, disable memory randomization if you have that on in debug options

Didn't have that selected, but got it going by booting SDX3.2 from a floppy and running that way

Doesn't seem to like SDX/U1M and I did try running with the 'X' command too.

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  • 1 month later...

ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Vexed on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us!





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Now the author has Vexed V1.14 on his webpage with a note: "fixed A800 version".

Is this the same version as the fixed one above (by tmp) or is it a different/newer version ?


(Alas, no version number on the Vexed titlescreen.)


EDIT: Looking at the data segments, there is a difference of a few bytes:

Vexed-fix: $4000-878E

Vexed 1.14: $4000-8731

both are missing the run adress (most likely $4000). So the question remains, is Vexed 1.14 newer than the Vexed-fix above and what are the (only a few bytes) differences ?


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