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Activity Streams not working correctly



In the last two days when I logged into AtariAge, I usually check out the new posts in the forum by clicking on the "Unread content" button in the upper right corner of the webpage. Then I use an Activity Stream that I set up years ago to show a list of all the new posts in the last 24 hours. This has not been working for the last two days. Yesterday, it showed the new posts in the last two hours and then started listing posts from 2015 and then "no new activity". Today, it showed the new posts for the last 9 hours before it started showing random posts from previous years including 2015.


I am using Firefox on a Mac if it helps.



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I had the exact same thing (except for the 2015 posts unless I didn't notice), but you just need to reload the page and the rest of the stream appears. Still slightly annoying, though.


Also, I don't want to point fingers, but it happened 3-4 times already and each time, it was after a long series of blog posts from Nathan Strum. 😅

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