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HSC20 Round 21: Abbuc 2023 Games


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Der Schranker 3: Game Completed (score appears to be unimportant, but it was 54,110)


Goal: Collect 4 yellow keys from the first 4 caves to gain access to the last one, which has a bunch of treasure.  Once you do that, use the exit somewhere at the top of the overworld map.



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Time Wizard: Game Completed, "Total Score" of 20:46 (combined time remaining)


Fun take on the rewind mechanic that has recently become popular in modern games and even retro compilations.  A bit short though.  It left me wanting another 10-15 levels at least.





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Night Knight: 91010


Beat Stage 80.  When completed, the game gives you a special bonus of 8000 points followed by the message below and a game over.


This is my favorite game from the top entries.  Really smooth platformer with just the right amount of challenge.  Controls are responsive, with the only quirk being that you can sometimes fall sideways through a solid wall and off the screen.  The coolest enemies are the creatures that teleport to higher/lower platforms every few seconds.  Never seen that trick before!


The game has some learning curve, but it's fairly easy to learn from mistakes without repeating them, which leads to nice improvements with each attempt.  It's also quite generous with the extra lives as your score gets better (had 9 in reserve at one point).


Hints: Use the clock to freeze the game timer (!) and the enemies.  Also look for the hourglass when the timer gets below 30.  It resets the timer back to 60 for either extra help or a higher clear bonus.  The shield is also very useful, allowing you to survive one hit during the current stage.


image.thumb.png.6f4cab2502ef896e8ee96038dc83f64b.png image.thumb.png.640fdac443b64e091b564560c2bb5607.png


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It's the Great Pumpkin, ZauberBall - 439920


Not sure how to count level progression here.  I think got the correct color quota about 10-15 times.  Interested to know if this game has an ending.


Never played anything like this.  Thankfully, there were some in-game instructions on the title screen (press "any key for tips" like it says).  The game mechanics are a bit awkward, such as activating power-ups by "wiggling the joystick" (I found that it's more like a rotation) and moving the "cat ball" to collect colors by holding down the fire button.  Once you figure them out though, it becomes a lot like Gradius, which is not a bad thing.


Music was the best part in this one.  The theme song is stuck in my head as I write this! :)


Turns out that the points get significantly higher after you reach the color quota a couple of times, which unlocks some tougher enemies to shoot at.


Oh, and whatever you do, IMMEDIATELY get the first upgrade to stop your ball from bouncing uncontrollably (still can't believe this is a thing).



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Well getting there, had a play on the other games:

Ink Spill is well executed but we've seen other similar puzzle pass-timers in the contest before - did 10 levels before retiring.


ZauberBall 6,490

Great to see the finished version at last, remember playing the 1989 demo(?) version and thinking it looked great.



Would have got further had I realised to press "any key" on the title screen to see what the objective was and how to activate the power-ups :!:


Will put up some final tables soon and get the new season running in the morning ;)



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Thank you all for playing this season, I'll update the final standings in the morning and officially crown rdrunner as the world champion ;)



Final Tables

  Player   Score Points Points Total
1st rdrunner   33 5 12 17
2nd MichaG   18   11 11
3rd AtariSphinx   18   10 10
4th carlsson   12   9 9
5th therealbountybob   11   8 8
6th devwebcl   7   7 7
7th skr   6   6 6
8th RedThunder   5   5 5


  Night Knight    
  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner 91,010 5
2nd MichaG 8,030 4
5th carlsson 7,990 3
3rd AtariSphinx 7,600 2
4th therealbountybob 7,510 1
6th RedThunder 2,590 7


  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner 147,900 8
2nd devwebcl 134,800 7
3rd skr 107,900 6
4th MichaG 51,700 5
5th AtariSphinx 19,600 4
6th therealbountybob 12,000 3
7th carlsson 11,900 2
8th RedThunder 11,900 1


  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner 439,920 6
2nd therealbountybob 6,490 5
11th AtariSphinx 4,490 4
3rd MichaG 1,760 3
4th carlsson 960 2
5th RedThunder 680 1


  Caverns of Eris    
  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner 5,740 3
2nd AtariSphinx 3,320 2
3rd carlsson 2,540 2
4th MichaG 1,840 1
5th RedThunder 1,680 1
6th therealbountybob 1,000 1


  Time Wizard    
  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner  (20:46) 20 5
2nd MichaG 9 3
3rd AtariSphinx 3 2
4th carlsson 3 1
5th RedThunder 3 1


  Der Schranker 3    
  Player Score Pts
1st rdrunner 54110 5
2nd AtariSphinx 960 3
3rd MichaG 700 2
4th carlsson 640 1


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1 hour ago, therealbountybob said:


Ink Spill is well executed but we've seen other similar puzzle pass-timers in the contest before - did 10 levels before retiring.


Will put up some final tables soon and get the new season running in the morning ;)




There are only 20 levels, so give it a second try :)


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3 hours ago, McKong said:

Sorry, I didn't get round to playing in the end. I've got a day off tomorrow so I'll have a look at some of them

:thumbsup: Am sure the author's will be glad of any feedback. I missed a couple too so will report back here at some point :!:


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23 hours ago, McKong said:

Night Knight 8440 17430 - really like this

Yeah I think we should play Night Knight and Zauberball again in the HSC soon!

Reminds me of Electro Maniac from abbuc a few years ago but that one had the moving platforms that were too tricky to make it enjoyable...

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