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Wilf is a new project that I've been working on. 


You play the part of Wilf the worm and your objective is to escape. 


This is a very early teaser demo with only a handful of screens. A lot of the assets are placeholders or rough (the music for example is borrowed from Bernie and the Tower of Doom). 


There may be glitches and bugs and some stuff like the doors are a bit janky :) 


As always feedback is appreciated.




Left & Right - Move Wilf

Up - Activates Gravity Bending Power (once unlocked)


Fire buttons have no function right now (in future they will be for additional powers like digging and Worm-Fu)




Objective : find the two keys to open the doors and escape.


The player has unlimited lives in the demo and as noted, this is just a teaser demo.


The Demo is designed for NTSC consoles. It will work on PAL machines but you will likely have incorrect colours and speeds.




There are two version of the demo. Please be sure to use the right one for your hardware :


wilf_preview_1_std will work on Dragonfly, 7800GD and MiSTer, A7800 v5.2+, Bup, JS7800. (Will likely work on Argon but I can't test that right now).


wilf_preview_1_concerto *should* work on Concerto but I cannot test directly. Any problems running on concerto, let me know and I can try to fix it. (this version may have title page text glitches, as is common with Concerto on 128k+16k RAM roms).


Any other systems or emulators - your mileage may vary and I offer no guarantees! :) 




Right now Wilf is very much a work in progress. I have plans to add a lot of stuff in the future.


  • Add more screens (many more). The aim is for around 80 screens.
  • More powers like Digging and combat powers
  • Lots of puzzles and traps to overcome
  • Lots of additional enemy types
  • Lots more ways for Wilf to die!
  • Badges to celebrate your discoveries (and failures) which will be saved to savekey/Avox/GameDrive 
  • Bosses. Two bosses are currently built.
  • Rebuild the UI - like a lot of things, it's a placeholder.









wilf_preview_1_std.a78 wilf_preview_1_concerto.a78

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12 hours ago, JagChris said:

Holy shit where is that music coming from? Is that from the demo?

The Music is actually just a placeholder. I borrowed it from one of my other projects just to make sure everything was working ok (on the music side) :) It's the work of the super talented @miker


Glad you like it!


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You all have filthy minds! :D The Association of Sorcerous Snails are not impressed!


By way of update :


Wilf has been busy training with the esteemed Worm-fu master known as "Bruised Knee", and after hours of training, Wilf has mastered the "Wormduoken" attack.  This Worm-fu action will be testable in the next demo, along other new challenges, more screens and new enemies.


The UI has had a bit of an overhaul. Lives, Keys & Wormduoken charges are are correctly shown now.


I expect the new demo will be publically available soon :) 


Here's a sneak peek.



(and yes, he does shout "Wormduoken" now and again if you have an AtariVox connected).


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Wilf has been nominated in the 6th awards!


Big thanks to James & the nomination committee for all their hard work in making the awards happen. 



There are a ton of fantastic demos to check out to download and try out, across 21 categories. There is still a week left to vote and 21 categories of Homebrew loveliness waiting for you to check them out.


You can check out all the different categories and voting here



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