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Pineapple 2000, 20th Anniversary Re-release (Space Invaders Hack)

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20 years ago I decided to get my feet wet learning how to make games for the Atari 2600. I had sincere intentions but back in 2004 I was simultaneously just starting my first ever gig writing humor columns for an online outlet. I was torn between two loves and because my foundation as a creator was grounded in performing comedy I took the route of following the path of a writer, though I always wondered what was down the road less traveled. Now I am back to hopefully relearn everything and then some and bring some of those old video game ideas to life and it all can be traced back to this game.


Pineapple 2000 was my first "finished" Atari 2600 project and I had big aspirations for it. I wanted to get a miniature comic book made for it that told the story of the lone gingerbread man fighting off the invading swarm of "Fruitoids". Real stupid stuff and definitely something that matched the spirit of "lol so random" humor that permeated the early 2000's. Ultimately none of this came to fruition and I wound up getting about 20 cartridges made to sell to people on AtariAge who were interested in collecting oddities for the system. I did not sell all of the cartridges and a few of them (like 3 or 4) are buried in my garage somewhere. (If I ever locate them I plan on selling them at a slight premium due to their rarity in order to fund future game design endeavors.)


This game is based upon the code of Space Invaders. In fact there is very little separating it from the base game as this is predominately a graphical hack. I wasn't sure how else to really improve upon Space Invaders beyond that. It's not an impressive hack in the slightest but it's important to me from a historical standpoint. Maybe you too will find something to smile about when you play it.


I've attached the BIN of the game to this post for you to download. Additionally the game is available through itch.io and archive.org. If you are interested in reading about the fate of the "Radio F Software" label that produced this hack I wrote up a blog post about it here. Thanks for checking out my post. Keep your eyes glued to this section of the forum as my first proper game in 20 years is nearing completion!



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