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LiteDOS SE on Win64: Creating and Writing to Disk Image?

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Hi!  I have a version of the Atari LiteDOS SE on a Windows 11 64-bit laptop and want to target it with my text adventure codes, as it is very small.  The high-end version is currently very buggy, but I'm trying to fix the bugs.  Right now, I want to be able to write to and edit LiteDOS-format disk images from both a GUI and the command-line.  How do I do that?

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Short of writing something yourself, you would need to use one of LiteDOS recognised filesystems i.e. DOS 2.5

then copy the files using LiteDOS copy utility, nothing I've seen will read LiteDOS images.


The wonderful https://github.com/pvbestinfoo/Atari_8-Bit_Rom_Image_File_Explorer

will read the contents, but unfortunately it won't write files to the image.

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@Harry PotterATRTools 030a.zip Just remembered ATR Tools


Chrome refused to let me download this .zip as there is a .exe inside, you can turn off the protection temporarily

in Chrome if you get this problem.


Just open an ATR image.

You can drag/drop files onto the open image, if you right click a file on an open image, you can export the file.


Hope this helps.


Edit: I have scanned the file with my Anti-Virus and it says it's OK.

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@Harry Potter I think the best you're going to get is do what I do with Altirra, mount a folder as a virtual DOS 2.0 disk (I use D4:)

then in you're cc65 build, do a copy to the mounted folder


Similar to this on a successful build:- copy temp.xex C:\Users\baile\Desktop\"Altirra XEX\"

Once there, assuming you have D1: or D2: as a mounted LitsDOS .ATR, you can simply copy the files

from D4: to your disk image.

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