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FS: X-Arcade Controller Original, completely reworked, with Dreamcast adapter and a short story :) **PRICE LOWERED AGAIN**

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I guess I'll start with the short(ish) story first :)


When I lived in NJ I had purchased this from a soldier who had it shipped to either Afghanistan or Iraq (I cannot recall) for the boys to have something to play with and then he had it shipped home. Some years later I purchased it from him and he said it was "hardly ever used". When it arrived to me (many years back now) I opened the very tattered box and took a quick glance at the controller. It looked good and the buttons and joysticks felt responsive. I had zero room for this and purchased it with the thought of "one day I will set this up".


Well, it sat in its box by my office desk for years and one day I made room and decided to give it a go.


Hardly ever used, yeah right. Every single button was toast as well as the joysticks. Barely anything registered and you could tell some of the buttons were actually broken most likely from abuse.


So, I decided to make it a project and refurbish the whole thing with new parts. All new arcade buttons and joysticks. Replacing all of the buttons was a snap but the real problems came when replacing the joysticks. The X-Arcade people use these types of black rivets and they are a PAIN to remove. On each joystick I was able to remove three and the fourth one would just keep spinning. I had to carefully dremel out the fourth rivet on each one. Not fun at all.


Then I had to find suitable replacement bolts for these with the mindset that I wanted it to be easily serviceable in the future. I found these excellent allen key style bolts that were the perfect size and length at Home Depot. And they were like $4 for two or something ridiculous. In any case, I wanted to use them and that is what you see. Now if a joystick needs to be serviced or replaced there will be no issue.


Then, I packed it up in its tattered mailer box and took it 650 miles down south when I moved to NC. And guess what? It is still sitting in the box next to my desk because I still do not have room for it!



So, that is the story. All buttons are brand new, both joysticks are brand new (although I reused the original X-Arcade grips for authenticity) and I used red buttons for the flippers because hey, why not.


The controller has been fully tested and of course works like new because it pretty much is new. The mailer box and original box and foam are included but are in POOR shape. There is foam stuck to the controller from the inner box foam that will need to be cleaned off. All of the wires to connect this are in the silver bags, the original manual is here and the X-Arcade adapter to allow this beast to be used with the Dreamcast...which is actually quite rare.


This is the original model that loops off of the PS2 port on a PC. If your PC has a PS2 keyboard port this will work for you. I really prefer this model over the USB versions as this can be used with nearly any computer, even very old ones. You can even connect the PC and the Dreamcast adapters to this at the same time if you use one of those cheap I/O serial switchers. That is how I used it for the brief time that I did.



All said, I put a boatload of work into this and have lugged it across many state lines. It's time to pass it along to someone who cares. 


Take it all for $200 $170 $150 $140 $125 shipped. I know I will get killed on the shipping as this sucker is HEAVY, but whatever.



If you want it, PM.











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Last price drop. $125 shipped and now I am losing bigtime. I think I paid that in parts for the restoration...not to mention what I had spent on the DC adapter :(


It is what it is. This box is sitting in my upstairs hallway now and the wife is not pleased!



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