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Here is MAZE, a new game I'm working on.

The goal is simple: find the exit. Avoid lava floor and use keys to cross new areas.


The game features flat shaded 3D with coder colors and the new Hively player by @Ericde45 and @42bs.

It tested it on real hardware with a skunkboard and on BigPEmu.




Edit: new version released with more maze (9 total) and a scoring system.




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New version
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Thank you guys for the nice comments.

Now I have to get back building mazes.


By the way, MAZE is loosely based on a ST/Amiga game released in 1990. You control a craft in a maze-like map, with force-fields to destroy. There are turrets and various enemies to shoot at and various collectibles. The first one to find the title of the game will get the "ST connoisseur" award!😉

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2 hours ago, roots.genoa said:

If someone made clean videos of this and DrTypo's previous game, that would be awesome btw.

I have a Jag2HD(thanks to @Doomy Doomer for creating and selling it) adapter and and HDMI capture device I've never used...I could see about trying this out though IrataNonGrata did do some on u*tube.

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3 hours ago, 42bs said:

Record it via BPE!

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do it. I'm running a retrogaming website and I'm not even paid for it, so there are many games I'd like to write about and I don't even have the time to play them. 😔 I just wish there was someone that would do for consoles what Saberman does for computer homebrew games, that's all.

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On 4/9/2024 at 9:36 PM, SlidellMan said:

I have to admit, you have something good. Did you also take inspiration from Spectre by any chance?

Thank you for your appreciation. I'm not aware of a game called Spectre? Is it a ST game?


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