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[CLOSED] 2024 Lynx High Score Club: Round 3 - Pac-Land and Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue

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  Atari Lynx High Score Club



HSC rules


Sorry for the delay. I almost got this up earlier but a computer issue made me restart and I forgot to post the edits first, and since I was editing and not posting anew it was all thrown away ūüė≠¬†Anyway, now that I've gotten myself together...


For April, we'll be playing the seminal 1984 platformer Pac-Land, which we last played in 2019. Before Mario was Super and before Boy was... Wonder... ful..., and not too long after Pitfall and Jumpman, this arcade classic with unique controls (no joystick, just buttons for left, right, and jump) created a beautiful, cartoon-like world full of fruit to collect and ghosts to eat. The Lynx port is one of the few and one of the best.


On our homebrew/indie track we'll be celebrating the coming of spring by playing @Igor's 2020 homage to Game & Watch-style games, Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue. It's a charming and very fun game with a couple modes - both of which we'll be playing.


Round Over: Wednesday, May 1, 12:00am International Date Line West




Manual / instructions / discussion: Manual

Settings - 1 player, Trip 1. Don't use warps please.


HSC Record: @EricDeLee - 317,040

Description: One of the earliest platformers ever comes to the Lynx in amazing form! Run to the right to deliver the good fairy to her home, then use the jump boots she gives you to safely return home to Pac Mom and Baby Pac.


Medal Thresholds:

Platinum Medal: Get the highest score!

Gold Medal: 80000 points

Silver Medal: 48000 points

Bronze Medal: 16000 points



1. Your name here!

2. Your name here!

3. Your name here!

4. Your name here!

5. Your name here!


Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue


Manual / instructions / discussion: 


Download link: https://atarilynxvault.itch.io/eggsavier

Or buy physical: https://k-retro.com/homebrew-games/14-35-eggsavier-s-cackleberry-rescue-a-homebrew-game-for-atari-lynx-.html#/5-game_release-boxed_with_cartridge


Settings: We're playing both Normal and Virus modes on count 3!

HSC Record: First year!

Description: With Count set to 3, score as much as you can in both modes. You can just play one mode if you want but your total score for ranking will be the sum of both. That means if you score 200 in one mode you have a gold medal overall! But we have two platinum medals for each individual winner. As usual, only one platinum per player, so if a person is ahead in both we will choose the one that is their highest.



Medal Thresholds:

Platinum Medal 1: Score the most in Normal mode!

Platinum Medal 2: Score the most in Virus mode!

Gold Medal: Reach 200 points across BOTH modes!

Silver Medal: Reach 150 points across BOTH modes!

Bronze Medal: Reach 100 points across BOTH modes!



1. Your name here!

2. Your name here!

3. Your name here!

4. Your name here!

5. Your name here!


* Achieved bonus points


Current season point standings:

Name Total Total Retail Total Indie


Any corrections please post. Please put your score in text in your post please to make my life a little easier. Thanks for joining us

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6 hours ago, jeremiahjt said:

Can you accidentally warp in Pac-Land? I have no idea how to do it, and I want to make sure I do not do it.

You have to push a stump in the forest so far as I know so it would be hard to do by accident.

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I figured out how to get over 15k on the first round. But I am having trouble currently with the canyon and rolling logs area.


The instructions talk about a water jump but its not clear how I use the joypad. Push right repeatedly?


Good little platformer. Glad I tried it.


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6 hours ago, Ninjabba said:

My scores:


Pac-land: 21910... I died after this screenshot, what am I supposed to do here? The bridge doesn't seem to come back?

You can jump on the logs while they're falling! I haven't recalled how to get past the springboards yet, though. I can almost make it at top speed but always fall short.



Note that I literally only got one screen past you, @Ninjabba - maximizing bonuses is critical!

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On 4/14/2024 at 10:24 AM, Ninjabba said:

My scores:


Pac-land: 21910... I died after this screenshot, what am I supposed to do here? The bridge doesn't seem to come back?

Eggsavier Normal: 20

Eggsavier Virus: 93





Double tap right and just run over the bridge, jump off at the end of it.

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