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ABBUC Magazine 156


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So a bit late to the party as usual , the whole idea I had presented on the last Zoom chat , has already been done.

ABBUC Magazine 156 has 2 articles , one more catered around BBS history in Germany and it's current state, one about using a Fujinet as a modem and here there is a focus on some of

the 8bit Atari BBSes.

But since I will be in Paderborn with some of the ABBUC staff and members, I will see if I can't do a follow-up geared towards running a BBS on the 16bit machines
and using Fujinet on an 8bit machine to also connect to a 16bit BBS.


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Since I do not know if everybody is an ABBUC member of the Sysop community, I extracted the BBS Articles of ABBUC Magazine 156 into a PDF
so you can have a look ( the entire magazine is member only basically).

Keep in mind this was created in January and released in March on the first part is a lookback at BBS experiences from a German perspective,
second part delves into Fujinet and telnet BBSing to 8 bit BBSes.


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Okay, just finished reading it - good stuff.


I have only -1- complaint.


For some reason, I couldn't find a listing for "The DarkForce! BBS" among the other BBS's.


This is obviously an oversight...   :)


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