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SaveKey Prototype Located


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many moons ago, when my wife was playing with packaging options, she made this cool prototype.  This was quickly rejected, far too expensive and too much work, so this is one of a kind.  I'll probably auction it off soon, or she can do it herself, she said she has another different one somewhere. LOL


Ignore the device attached, that is a custom SaveKey reader/writer I built for myself, just using it to power the SK.








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12 minutes ago, Muddyfunster said:

That looks very cool. Like a miniature vacuum tube thing :)



Thanks, it looks much cooler in person actually and the way it feels in your hand is almost fidget toy like. LOL


I wonder if it would survive a cycle in the washing machine? :ponder:

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6 hours ago, -^CrossBow^- said:

Reminds me of a giant LED given the shape from the side profile picture.


Either that or, if you squint and imagine hard enough, a vacuum tube - like @Muddyfunster said :P 


Really nice design.  Shame it didn't become the final one, but from a price / production standpoint, I can kinda understand why.

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6 hours ago, Zonie said:

The way collectors pay for stuff like this, you may be able to get a new boat.


I think I would never buy a first boat, plus this thing pays for maybe one board of wood for a boat. LOL

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  • 2 weeks later...

I can confirm, this is a royal pain in the ass, but it sure is convenient.  I ruined one of these USB/UART adapters in the process. 😅





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