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Olioni Games is pleased to present the sequel to Quest! Fire, the game has turn-based battles with strategy.


This game has a PAL version in color and also in NTSC, good luck on your journeys in the world of Quest!.


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3 hours ago, 4ever2600 said:

Next chapter! :)

I'm going to do the next one after two other releases that I'm going to release the Quest! Ice 
will be the penultimate chapter of this adventure, with graphical improvements and different gameplay.
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9 minutes ago, 4ever2600 said:

No sorry, I meant here IS the next chapter from the first one.  But hey, that's great news too!

Oh okay, I understand, yes, the latest news will arrive about this franchise, 
I'm looking for resources to improve and bring something new,
 without it being a repetitive game without any new features.
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5 hours ago, Living Room Arcade said:

I like your bubble IMG1_52x60.jpg.172440c1a4818cf7f75f32b07a2998fe.jpg that carries you around underwater.  And the arrows IMG2_61x60.jpg.36267f58c310a944cde5315850652acf.jpg that guide you!  

I'm glad you liked it, the bubble was added to the game at the last minute, the knight will drink a potion, 
but the bubble looks much better and makes sense. 


And the arrows will appear after you get a map, 
but I decided to cut them out because I wouldn't need a map and they could appear after you get the bubble.
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ZeroPage Homebrew will be playing Quest! Water on Friday's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch! Hope you can join us!





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