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Space Invaders Deluxe 8k

Nukey Shay

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High score feature corrected.


In addition:


The game now keeps track if you shot the first column...so the rainbow bonus is true to the arcade game (leftmost column has 2 bonus invaders...the lowest @ 1000 and the next one up @ 500...while all of the other columns only have the 500 point bonus when you get the lowest one last).


There's 2 shot counters in a 2-player competition game. Both with a value of 1 at the start of a game (and you still need to keep track yourself level-to-level).


The pulsing invader has been added to one of the center lines. Invaders don't split, but I might as well get it in there :P


The motherships are always active (Atari's version stops sending them out if the number remaining is less than 8).


The markers also indicate the number of lives remaining. A bit fudged when player 2 is up (the lives are removed when player 2 loses a life). Don't have a solution for this one yet :(


The title display has been altered a bit. You can skip it by moving a stick. If you move the player 2 stick down intermissions will be disabled :)


The original SI bug is corrected that shows player 2 having 1 life left at the end of a game.


Is this the latest version and do you consider it finished?

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Yes to the first question, and I have no plans to expand on it further for the second question (I dislike using the word "finished" when referring to hacked rom files - this inevitably leads to multiple versions being named "final"). The edit line in the first post of this thread (and others I made) link directly to the latest version posted...so you don't need to hunt through the entire thread.

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