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Krokodile Cartridge Label Contest - Winner Selected!


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KrokodileCart1.jpgThe Krokodile Cartridge is a programmable game cartridge for the Atari 2600 game console containing 512K of Flash ROM that can be programmed by connecting the cartridge to a Windows PC. The cartridge supports several different bankswitching methods and also includes 32K of built-in RAM to support games that require additional onboard cartridge memory (such as Atari's SARA-chip games). Krokodile Cartridge creator Armin Vogl and AtariAge have teamed up to sponsor a Krokodile Cartridge Label Contest to design an original label for the Krokodile Cartridge. The winner of the contest will receive their own Krokodile Cartridge, free of charge (a $99 value), as well as his or her name in the credits as listed in the manual. Complete details on how to enter the contest may be found here, and the Krokodile Cartridge can be pre-ordered in the AtariAge Store here. Good luck!




November 19th, 2004 - Winner Selected!


KrokoWinner.jpgKrokodile Cartridge creator Armin Vogl has chosen a label by Nathan Strum as the winning entry for the Krokodile Cartridge Label Contest! Nathan will receive a copy of the Krokodile Cartridge as soon as the cartridges go into production (which will be soon), and of course his label design will grace both the label and the manual. With the high quality of submissions for this contest, we have also decided to award a runner-up prize to Alexius Wronka for his excellent label design. Alexius will receive a $25 gift certificate in the AtariAge Store.


Congratulations to Nathan Strum and Alexius Wronka, and many thanks to everyone who entered and made this a successful contest! We will be launching another label contest soon, so keep those paintbrushes, pencils, and mice warmed up!

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Wow! There's a lot of really good entries! :D This should be a really good poll, I bet it's gonna be really close. BTW, my entry is the one beside "Justin Bardin" ;) just in case you wanted to see what one I put in. I drew the crocodile and the logo by myself using Kid Pix Art Studio 3. :ponder: I think it came out real well.

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I'm working on two entries. I think I like them the way they are so I'm going to post them up here. Seems like everybody's playing with the whole "gator" motif and I wanted to do something different so I went another route since we had the freedom to do anything we wanted that way it might stand out a little more.





Here's my first :


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Okay here's my second entry.



After playing with my idea for the first cartridge design, (the one above) I began to put the whole "gator" thing aside and concentrated on what the product actually was : a portal for almost every Atari 2600 game ever created, and even those that havent even been thought up yet. I realized that this was going to be more than a game cartridge, this was going to be a definitively immersive Atari experience. A "Hyperdrive" for Atari. I saw it as more of a data portal than a cute aligator deal. That's why in my first design I had the monoloths flying out in a 3-D effect as the monoliths represented the bin files and the games and the entire experience coming right at you. But when I was done with the first label I just wasnt happy. I wanted to do something that had more meaning to it.


Soooo for my second design I combined all of these elements of experience and gaming and the past and present. I started thinking about the HAL 9000 computer from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey." Through HAL you could access any program... and you were sure he'd provide you with an experience you'd never forget. Plus Atari computers always reminded me of this film. Infact when I spoke w/ Regan Cheng about his design for the 5200 he said he had drawn a great influence for it's design from that movie.


Having combined all of these elements I created a pretty bland three-tone text label that somehow has more meaning to me than it should. It's a little tribute to Kubrik's HAL 9000 SuperComputer and to the 2600. I'm posting a larger image of this so you can read some of the small text easier.






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Okay okay okay.... one last serious entry. This has a somewhat different label design. I'm still playing around with my positioning of the "2600" vs having an outlined Atari logo text on the opposite side. In all seriousness though I started playing w/ that Mr. T cartridge as a joke but I was really pleased with the results, I think that's one of my favorite designs that I've done in a long time :-)


- Justin


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