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Gunfight Label Contest!


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Adding the label in the Atari cases makes them look a lot more authentic. I think this whole Contest is neat/cool.


Can't think of any other words that convey the overall experince. Just seeing my images in "Atari Cases" here on AtariAge is quite a honor.


Good Luck to all the other label Artists

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Matthew B. Vigor's is the one I think should be selected, in my humble opinion. No insult to the other entries (which are all good and retro in their own ways), but Matthew's is the slickest looking one of all. It conveys a simple and powerful impression of the game, helping to sell it as well.


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Not to turn this thread into a critque, but I think you have to consider what will look good in a 2.75 X 3.5 size. Just because a label looks cool on a 19 inch monitor doesn't mean it will when shrunken down. Too much detail can be bad when working small.


For that reason, I cast my vote for

Dave G.


Jay Prince


I think both labels have very crisp images & design that stand out from the pack.


I wish I had half the talent all these artists that submitted labels do.

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Artwork. In the words of Manuel Polik, "I want to have something more dark & sinister on the cover. Clint Eastwood instead of John Wayne."


Hehe ya cant get much darker and sinister then Wil Lutons label




All the Labels are great and i wouldnt want to be Manuel Polik right now, having to pick a label out of all the enteries


Good Job Everyone




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