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Atari 8-bit Sinistar Prototype Discovered!


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sinistar.gifFans of classic arcade games are all too familiar with the roar, "Beware, I Live!" A long, lost prototype of the beloved (and difficult) arcade game Sinistar has been uncovered for Atari 8-bit computers. Thanks to the hard work of Atari Archivist Ken Van Mersbergen, this unreleased arcade to home conversion has finally been found. Sinistar combines fast action, mind numbing speed, and evil sounding voice synthesis into one explosive package. Your goal is to destroy Sinistar, a giant metal creature bent on destroying the universe and whatever else that gets in its way. However, to destroy Sinistar you must make Sinibombs out of Sinisite crystals harvested from floating plantetiods.


The Atari 8-bit version is a wonderful port, capturing all the action and excitement of the arcade game. The graphics are amazingly accurate, the controls are sharp and precise, and the digitized voice rings out loud and clear. Sinistar was just about finished, but there are a few minor issues and bugs that needed to be addressed before the game saw a commercial release. The biggest issue is the computer AI, which isn't quite polished. Sinistar will be displayed in the AtariAge booth at this weekend's Dallas vgXpo show, and plans are to release the Sinistar binary in the near future so everyone can enjoy it.


You can read a thorough review of Sinistar over at AtariProtos.com.

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God, I hope this gets converted to the 5200!  :D



According to Atariprotos.com, the game is 48k. No 5200 port is likely. :sad:



Well, we have two versions of a 512K cart for the 5200. It all depends on how the code can be split up. If it has the voice, that's going to take up a lot of ram I would think. We'll just have to wait and see what can be done. I have high hopes for it, especially since Atari was planning on releasing this for the 5200.



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Great news! Sinstar is an awesome, evil, blood pressure-raising shoot-fest. The graphics here look great and faithful.


I have heard rumour of an "original" ROM for the arcade machine, finalized before the jackass corporate guys made the programmers crank-up the difficulty. Anyone know more? HHMmmmmmmmm....

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HOLY MUTHA F00KIN CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 This is the kind of news that just makes my balls glisten and a-tingle with delight. :lust: :lust:


I am looking forward to the talented efforts of those will be involved in porting this fine discovery to the 5200. :D :cool:

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