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1980s prices of Atari 2600 games

Random Terrain

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I remember early 1984 as the time when 2600 carts underwent a dramatic price drop. I guess this was the result of what we later referred to as the "'83 crash". I remember in early '84 being very sick with strep throat. On way home from doctors, went to a toy store and parents bought me fully boxed Super Breakout  for $5. Probably at the same time a year earlier, that game was probably at least $15-$20. 

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4 hours ago, Pitfall Harry said:

Still a ripoff, really?  What else can you buy these days for 50 cents...a paper coin roller to roll fifty pennies maybe?

I meant it was a ripoff in when it was residing in the bin with all the other extra carts at the entrance to K-BEE Toys in the mall back in 1984-85

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