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HSC Season 3 Week 16: Save Mary


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Well, that's the end of this weeks edition of the High Score Club! And none too soon either, as I was just informed that there's actually a bug in this game that lets you rack up a basically infinite score. I hope no one has been exploiting this (Judging from the scores, I would guess that no one has).


Anyways, congratulations to everyone on their scores and I hope you had fun with one of the #1 unreleased gems in the Atari's collection! Join us again next time when we'll be burnin' rubber!



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Now that the week is over, what's the bug?



I've noticed that once Mary gets high enough, you could walk away from the Atari and she'll never die, but there aren't any more powerups at that stage (same sprite is used for Mary and the power-ups, so there can't be) so I don't know how one would exploit that to get any extra points (aside from taking the opportunity to fill in as much as possible).

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That's no bug that's a tip (which I said in one of my posts). Once you get her above water level you either finish the level by levering her to safety or you can let her wait while trying to fill up the canyon with as many pieces as you can. Technically the game will never be able to continue until you raise Mary to safety (or power off/reset the unit), but that does not mean she can't die. You can still drop pieces on her, wether deliberately or my mistake.

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