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Good Luck Charlie Brown


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Heres a snoopy prototype for sale,wonder if its the same



Nope. Snoopy and the Red Baron is an entirely different game and it *was* released.


Yes but is the one on offer any different to the ones Tempest reviewed? ;)

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So no word on this yet? I messaged him a few months ago with a semi-large bid hoping to get him motivated to get it to one of us and hopefully we can get it saved before it has a chance to go bad. I would hate to see the ROM or whatever go bad and the community lose out.

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In brief, this Charlie Brown game has never been dumped to BIN?


Pretty much no. The game is still in the hands of Matt and his brother AFAIK. Maybe Wonder or someone else will buy it and dump it, but for right now it is limbo. Hopefully good things will happen at some point and it will be interesting to look at the rom as see if there is anything hidden inside. :cool:

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It's been eleven years now.


I'm truly happy that it has been found, but I think it's a bloody shame that it's still not dumped yet.


And I don't want to hear anything about 'Patience is a virtue' anymore.


There, I've said it.


Now I'm relieved enough to wait another eleven years...



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