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Rec. C's FB2's Here....I think

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Ah, bugger. I was under the impression the 'fixed' games mentioned some time back was part of the Rev C package, but I guess they just didn't make it.


Yes the rev C has we refer for month was suposed to have the fixed game, those 60000 unit is the last run of Rev B witch have been made using the rev C 2600 chip. They lack the updated software that's all.

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Got some in Orlando Today. Was in my Super Wal Mart 2 days ago and the only had three today there was 7. Took a guess and was lucky enough to get a revision C. It's just a little smaller than B and is missing a capacitor on the backside. Can't wait to mod this puppy and pick up another one.

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Just a Rev C chip in place of the Rev B. Kokovec is right so far, the only way at the moment to tell is to mod the system. We're working on other identifications.


So was the Missile Command TIA bug not fixed then?




Missile Command had a bug in it? What was it? I didn't notice any difference between the FB2 and the cart version..........


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