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Medieval Mayhem Label Contest - Winner Announced!


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I like the new colors and the light effect of fireball on the purple shield and crown.


I noticed other cool changes too:


- Nathan Strum's dragon design on the top right over the tower

- lighting on the sky over the other tower

- a little crown on the "i" of "Medieval" in the title instead of the dot

- bigger and different signature

- different copyright text on the bottom



Very nice work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:




Yep, you figured correctly..that's Nathan's serpent watching the fray from afar and who

unleashes the 2nd fireball from "outside" the arena if the warriors are too evenly matched for a time without

any player elimination.

That's part of the backstory I have relating to the actual game play and Nathan's serpent fits in perfectly!


I added the lighting to accent the serpent's body and reveal more of it's presence ..as Jim Davis' Garfield the

fat cat would have said --"Nice touch". :D

I'm glad Nathan let me use his design which will appear inside the game's manual as well and will

acknowledge his contribute in the credits page.


I also enlarged my signature so it won't disappear when the art is reduced to print size and reworded the

copyright to make a distinction and room for the AA logo which has it's own trade mark.

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Rule #1: Never ever hurry a homebrewer! :)



...don't announce something is available December 1st if it won't be. It's right there on the front page. There's nothing "rushing" about asking someone why they're 2 days late on a deadline. It's a legit question, really.


fuckin newbie

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