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Just ordered a FB2

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I thought I treat myself nice today and ordered a FB2. Now I am excited like back in 1986! when I decided to go for the (already outdated) 2600jr. (which was a money issue).


Today my decision was kind of a money issue again :D Couldn´t decide if I still want the PS2 or if I am better off with waiting for PS3, Wii or xbox360 to become little cheaper. But then I thought go for the Atari pure easy fun.


I remember the day in 1986 when my 2600er arrived through mail (I was 13). I was at home with my father who didn´t know what that package was about (adressed to my mother).


I took it to my room, connected it and was in heaven. 5 minutes later the door opened with my father wondering what is going on. He was very skeptical about this piece of hardware ("you only can play wiht it?"). I am sure in his eyes it was truly a waste of money. But he was caught playing with/against me for some good time.


Today, 32, married, I "confessed" to my wife about my purchase and I am sure she thinks "what a waste of money". :x

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Congratulations on the purchase, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as you did the 2600 jr. back in the day when it arrives. :-) And as far as the wife is concerned, if she's at all like mine, she'll joke about the "nerd toys" but will appreciate that it only cost $30.

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Welcome to the forums! Post often and let us know how things are going!






Well, today, day 1 after ordering, my wife asked if Tetris is included. I explained to her that the games are from the beginning of the videogame era, so no Tetris. She asked me: "do you mean that all of those games are stick-games?"




Yes, my love, excatly, that´s what those games are about...

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