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How old were you when you played your first Atari 2600 game?

Rhindle The Red

How old were you when you played your first Atari 2600 game?  

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  1. 1. How old were you when you played your first Atari 2600 game?

    • 0 - 4 (I'm a prodigy)
    • 5 - 9 (Got me in my formative years)
    • 10 - 14 (Past the age of reason)
    • 15 - 24 (Really should have been concentrating on other things)
    • 25 - 39 (Just call me the Andy Stitzer of the 2600)
    • 40 - 64 (I'm a real late bloomer)
    • 65+ (I had to do something to amuse myself in my Golden Years)
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0

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I was 6 when the console came out, but I don't think I played it until I was 7 at my friends house in the neighborhood. I did play the home dedicated PONG console well before that however, which they also had. 


My family actually never had a 2600..but we got on the 8 bit computers starting with the 400 in 1979 or so and then the 800XL in 82.   

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Been an awful lot of years 😂


I was in early years of secondary school, owned a Sinclair ZX81 at the time, so the prospect of colour graphics, sound and instant loading on a home system, was a huge lure, badgered my poor mum and dad for one for Xmas. 


Think it was one of mates older brothers who had a Woodgrain 2600.


Combat was definitely the first game I played, I know that much. 


It wasn't until i received my own 2600 Jr, that I discovered the wonderful art that came with the 2600,a love that's remained with me all these years. 

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