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My Experiences on Ebay.



It has been my experience that Atari sells well on Ebay. But, not for as much money as you might think. I check this site as well as several others that claim to the true cost of some Atari games and Ebay prices are much less. Mostly due to the fact of competition. If I put up a copy of Defender at $5.00, then a thousand other people will put theirs up at $4.99, then $4.98 and so on until the item can be bought for much less than what is expected by Atariage or other sites. This is just for instance. But it has been my experience also that if you have a rare game.... like "chase the chuckwagon" for 2600. It can be much more valuable. When I started the listing there was only two other people who had this item listed. One person thinks that since their item is the only one online and it is in the box, that it is worth a thousand dollars. This is quite laughable. But perhaps someone will actually be dumb enough to spend that price on it. So mine, cart only, was listed for nearly $300. Which is also laughable. Thinking that I might get that one person who is willing to spend that price on it. But, on Ebay, a seller can ask anything that they want to. Now that the item has no interest at that price I have dropped it down to a reasonable price of less than $70. Which is competitive now since there are several more people who have listed this item. The point being. Some items sell quickly and some sit around. Many people out there like me still love to play these old systems and games. And as a player of them I am only willing to pay so much for a game. Even $70 is ridiculous for me. But there is a collector out there who will be happy to have it. Cheap games sell cheap. Most Atari games are selling for less than $2.00 plus a couple bucks for shipping. But no one out there is just paying big dollars for expensive Atari games. Those sales are few and far between. With all of the technology today it is easy to get a mod or an app or a computer program that will simulate your favorite Atari games at a fraction of the cost. But.... in my humble opinion... there is nothing better than the feel of the original joystick. The memories of childhood when you push the cartridge in the slot and flip the switch. Just a classic. And its the feel that you get on a console with an original controller that can't be replaced by an ap. Thanks for reading. Check me out on Ebay. Matt's Vintage Video Game Center. Google me.


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