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Mr. Ultra can jump over holes now.



I added a hole for Mr. Ultra to jump over. However, Mr. Ultra can't stand on the edge of the hole because he'll fall in if he does. All level 1 does right now is loop the hole over and over again. I know I said I wanted to take a little break from it, but I just wanted to get a few more gameplay basics in before my break. If you've seen my Super Giuseppe on the Odyssey 2, it's a lot like that, only on the Game Gear. I have 57% free in bank 0. So that took a few more hours. And Mr. Ultra can move right now. And button 1 is used for jumping. Here's what the hole in-game looks like:
Nothing spectacular. Just your average hole. If you fall down it, the game will restart at the title screen. So that's what I've been doing since I got up. I sleep all day for some reason. Last night I slept all night and into the day. I've just been really sleepy lately. I think it's getting better, though.


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