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Crazy Climber



Just another one of those childhood images that haunts my brain! The Thundercats logo :) This is another one of those shows I wasn't really obsessed over or anything but enjoyed. I never went as far as collecting any of it, I don't think I even owned any of the toys back in the 80's but I do remember the TV show quite well and can instantly zap myself back in time by hearing the intro! In tribute to this iconic cartoon of the 80's I made a logo for my garage!




This was a fun one because I was able to use a new "tracing" feature I learned in autocad, basically instead of drawing it completely free hand I was able to trace around a picture of the logo I dropped right into the autocad frame, turned out to be a very useful feature for me and was able to replicate the logo rather well :)


Nothing fancy on the materials, just a stock red and black which is a dead on match to the cartoon....




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I still get teary eyed when I hear the 'Jaga' music. Just like when Optimus Prime died...



*hair standing on end!






And here's a bonus that never came here...




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