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I am in my room.



Finally got the computer back and hooked up. One problem, though, it doesn't seem to like my N-Gage very well. It says it's paired up, but if I try to send a screenshot to the computer, it will fail. I have a new clean slate. My N-Gage is charging up, so perhaps the power was too low? Although it seemed to be working just fine. I don't know. I got my Odyssey 2 stuff from off my website and that's about all I have done so far. I just got home an hour ago struggling and failing to send screenshots to my computer from my N-Gage. Last night I wrote a bit of music. I stopped at the local music store and got some blank sheet music to put my composition on.

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Wow, that is retro using blank music sheets! I've been using computer based composer software for the past 20+ years, but would probably back up with music sheets in case of an emergency.

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