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Forced updates




Microsoft forced a Windows 10 update on my mom's laptop and now the internet won't work on it. I looked at the laptop and it appears that the wi-fi works for a little bit and then shuts off for no apparent reason. My internet here in my room on MY Windows 10 computer is fine. But it has me thinking about getting an Apple the next time I need a computer. Has it just gotten to the point where Microsoft=shit? Mom was angrily ranting about how she can't use Apple because the one time she did she couldn't do anything. The old computer in the den has Vista on it. And it still does, and it didn't bother me about putting Windows 10 on it. She insists to have nothing to do with Apple. It's gotten to the point where life=shit...



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maybe she really only needs a netbook? Something like a Chromebook… not a PeeCee running Windoze and not a Mac either. Got one ($250 for a 15" Acer) for an elderly aunt and she loves it. Does everything she "needs" a computer for and a lot cheaper than anything Mac, which Apple has already started screwing around with their software now too in the boated/updates/unintuitive interface dept.

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She mainly uses it for the Internet. Sometimes she puts pictures from her phone onto it, but I guess she can store them on my computer.

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Worst case scenario format your hard drive and restore to get back to the original OS you had it on (I did that by accident but my computer's been running better since this)


You WILL lose everything on the hard drive but at least you won't have to deal with Windows 10.

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