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ASMart person could get this...



Tried my hand at Atari 2600 assembly. I was just goofing around with it, trying to get sample code to actually not roll on a TV. I got a picture of a celery on the screen. I'm not going to make a new celery movie in ASM, rather I am going to try to port the Odyssey2 game I made about the celery over to the Atari 2600. That picture I made is on the left hand side of the screen, just like the Odyssey2 game. That's what reminded me of it. I hope I can fit it in 2k. Right now, though, I am done with the playfield for now. The next thing to do is to make some player or missile or ball on the screen. But it suddenly got hot and I'm tired of this for now, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

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