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My Mom Saw the Neurologist Today

Random Terrain


If you read my previous blog entry, you know that my mother supposedly had five brain lesions near the back of her brain. That was total bullshit. The people at the hospital probably couldn't read a stop sign. My mother went to the neurologist today and he showed us sliced up MRI images of my mother's brain from two directions. Any person off the street could see that she has a large tumor-like thing near the center of her brain (about as big as a grown man's entire thumb that goes a nearly equal amount into the left side and the right side of the brain) and another one is in the middle of the left side of her brain that is almost as large. The rest are small satellites around the two larger ones. The hospital should have told her how large the things actually were and put her on steroids the day she got the MRI.

The neurologist is fairly sure that the stuff in her brain popped up within the last couple of months. It's already taking up an alarming amount of space, so if she does nothing, she might be dead or just mentally gone before the year is over. He wants to stick a needle in her brain to get a

so he can find out if it's cancerous, and if it is, what kind of treatment is needed. She is resisting the biopsy so far. She wants to talk to more friends and family members to see what they think.

Random Terrain
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Not really the time for humor, but I'll shoot.


"Mom, remember you just said the we really NEED to stick the needle in your brain, see? You're forgetting shtuff!"

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