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MMC Cards



So I bought an MMC card off eBay. It's for my N-Gage. There's a homebrew N-Gage game I want to try and it's the only way to try any homebrew N-Gage games (apart from putting it in the system memory and slowing down your N-Gage). If you're wondering which homebrew game, I'd like to know more about them, there's only one I know of. Super Fighter Block Battle. I downloaded the game onto my new computer. Finding it was a pain. I didn't know the title. I thought it was Super Puzzle Fighter, so I entered that and got a whole bunch of info on a PS1 game called that. Well, the MMC card I got was free shipping, but the horrid part of waiting for it to come now starts. See, that's the part I don't get about online buying. Why do people not care about waiting a week for the thing you buy to come? Or is it that I'm just impatient? I also get some news on the AA status updates. Really? The Cubs won? Good. I was rooting for them because it would stink to wait more than 108 years for a World Series win. I bet that's how long the Seattle Mariners will have to wait. Probably will never win. I'll probably be 150 years old and they still wouldn't have got to the postseason. I'm planning on living forever. Even when the sun expands and burns everyone to a crisp, I'll still be here, in pain and darkness.


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