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Master System Minimalist Box Art - Part 5



Here me again with some new Sega Master System game cover art from various games we never expected see on Master System.
Well, Tetris probably exist somewhere... Even MicroVision has Tetris!
Space Invaders definitely exists on SMS.

blogentry-10940-0-31560800-1550967698.png blogentry-10940-0-54572000-1550967786.png
blogentry-10940-0-13483400-1550967794.png blogentry-10940-0-90318200-1550967681.jpg
blogentry-10940-0-22080400-1551017999.png blogentry-10940-0-15305600-1552402489.png

And the previous entries :

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Recommended Comments

How about Robocop? I like this arcade game.


Added RoboCop. I never played the game so I don't know a better joke than the 1 dollar guy from the movies.

Is either that or the melting guy.

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This is very amusing. If you are taking requests, I'd love to see Sinistar and Doom.


I take request, preferably games I played well enough to think a joke about it.

I played both, but not well enough, this is the best that comes to my mind.

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