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WIP stuff, now with mp3!



I found a spare charger somewhere, now my laptop is back alive!

Here are some of the WIP stuff. I think I've already posted the Majora Title Theme and I've made no progress since then. Tal Tal Heights is still too early to post here yet. Linebeck's Theme is planned to come after I'm done with some of the stuff.

Ballad.mp3 contains a partially completed Ballad of the Goddess. Measure 35 and on is incomplete, before that I think is good enough.

Midna.mp3 contains Midna's Lament, still in early stages. This is bound to sound boring with midi, what with having only 2 voices and all.

Mix.mp3 was what was supposed to be a medley but ended up being a mishmash of various crap. It contains the Link to the Past title theme, Deku Tree theme, Navi Flying theme, and a partially completed Dark World theme.

ballad.mp3 midna.mp3 mix.mp3


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