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Celery level 4 and 5



I thought up of a few more Celery scenarios.

Level 4 - Island Is Land

This will be like the old Game and Watch game Manhole, in which you need to place islands over the holes for Mr. Celery while he's crossing the screen. So it's a little like level 2 in reverse.


Just thought of another scenario a few minutes ago where level 5 will be like that old cancelled Atari 2600 game "Garfield" which Mr. Celery needs to cross fences while things are whizzing around the fence and the only way to dodge them is by going in the small holes of the fence. Level 5 should be called "Taking a Fence To That."


I designed a screen for level 4 which I will share a bigger version of. The screens I use in the bmp to blit program are 102 x 54, so that's too tiny for anyone to see. I'd like the score here to be green.


So this means I will be working on Celery instead of Frank for the next few days.


I just had a hamburger for the first time in a long time. I forgot how good they were. And fries. Yum. I had a Famous Star at Carl's Jr. But my most favorite burger is the Whopper at Burger King. And since I've been taking that anti-choking-on-my-food medication, I didn't choke on it at all. It's odd. Like someone flipped a switch and opened my esophagus up or something.


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