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I finally got an Atari 800XL!



As a kid, I recall seeing the 800XL in a department store in Hamburg and thinking that this was the natural evolution of things Atari.  I had the Atari 2600, so seeing this computer with a a cartridge slot at the top, two joystick ports and then the select/start buttons on the side made it seem that this was the next system to get.  


I actually don't recall any cartridges being played on the display models and none of my friends had a computer.  We mostly had 2600s and we swapped games for a few days.  At this point in time, a couple of kids had a ColecoVision and we were all jealous.


Back then I had no clue that the 800XL was related to 400 with the flat keyboard and the 5200 was nowhere to be seen. 


In all honesty at this point in my life I was gravitating towards Commodore.  Specifically the V(I)C-20 which would be bought in a nice carrying case for 200 DM.  The C64 was impressive, but I knew I could never convince my parents to pay that much.


But none come of that.  I ended getting a C64 when I came to Canada and made that my primary gaming system (as well as 2600Jr and a 7800) until I bought PS1 in 97.


The desire of getting a 800XL never left me.  Now that I have a several 2600/7800 systems, this is always something I wanted to get.  I don't really feel the need to get a C64 at the moment, especially with the crazy prices for that gear.  I did get a 65XE a couple years back, but that did very little for me and not the desired reaction I had so I ended up selling it.


After trying to buy one here in the forums and being frustrated at some nickel-n-diming by a couple of people, I decided to look for one on eBay and Kijiji.  A couple of weeks later, I saw someone selling one in Mississauga, with the added bonus of including an Epyx joystick, which is something I have been meaning to get for ages as well.


The computer itself is in great cosmetic shape and all self-tests pass successfully.  All keys work and it's nice to do some BASIC programming again.


As I did for my 65XE I ordered an monitor-composite cable off eBay.  I have been putting it through it paces.


The one thing I won't do for this system is collect a bunch of cartridges or get a disk drive.  I have decided I will get the AVGCart  based on the comments in the 8-bit forum and just load my software this way.


I can't wait to play Bruce Lee on this!









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Yes looks like a nice rig.


Flashcarts are a great way to bring software into vintage machines, both consoles and computers. And the method is only gaining in popularity. Seems AVGCART supports the important formats of today. And that makes things so much easier. Flashmedia also helps control piles of accessories, disks, carts, and other crappage.


I'dve gone apeshit to have stuff like this back in 1984!

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