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And now I have my 800 multicart: AVGCart



After getting my 800XL a few days ago, I decided that I wasn't going to start a new cartridge collection for my new 8bit computer.  I have too many things that I rarely use and to be honest, between my 2600 and 7800 games, I also just don't have the time.



So enter the AVGCart!  Received it two days ago and was just waiting for my work schedule to clear up so that I can have a nice couple of hours to set it up and play with it.  I also ordered the SIO cable in case I came across any floppy/cassette images that I wanted to play, especially since I remember Bruce Lee being a disk-based game.



After getting a memory card and just finding some roms, the process was easy.  Of course for me, the first rom file I loaded was Bruce Lee.  I did a quick cursory look for 1942 and Double Dragon, which I didn't find.  Looking at the "D" folder I picked the Donkey Kong games and one of my favs on the 2600, Decathlon.




Man oh man.  Turning the computer on and seeing the menu was pretty cool.  What I didn't expect was the excitement of actually seeing the BL game pop up on my screen and its music playing.  When I started playing BL, all these memories started to come back.  It didn't take me too long to figure out how to play the game, especially the jumping.  After clearing the first 3 screens, I jumped into the underground level where I ended getting fried a few times by the electrical-looking fields.






I also loaded up Decathlon.  I have to admit, I like this version better than the 2600 and the C64 that I used to have.  I played the first nine events, got 1000+ points in many of the events, although I got a nice zero on Pole Vault and didn't have the courage to tackle the final event, the 1500m race.




I'm very impressed with the AVGCart so far.  It works just like Concerto and Harmony carts that I have by providing me with a menu.





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