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Getting Atari 2600 cartridges ready for new labels



So a couple weeks ago I stumbled upon this post from pboland where he's selling replacement labels for cartridges.  I was intrigued because I have a full set of Activision cartridges, but the labels on the majority of them are in a poor state.  After doing the math and needing some new distraction, I decided to order a full replacement set.


Now, I think I will probably not touch the more rarer carts like Cosmic Commuter, Ghostbusters, Rampage, etc but will do the more common one.  I already had some duplicates, so I decided to get started.


I got some Goo Gone from Home Depot and a plastic scrapper that I ordered from Amazon.  I had a metal one that I use for glass, but didn't want to use something that could scratch it. 




I did read the post about removing the labels and decided considering that I used Goo Gone before that I would have slightly adjust my approach.  I decided to dump half the bottle in a plastic container and let the cartridges soak in it for a couple of hours.



The fluid level is low enough so that it's very unlikely to touch the circuitry inside since I didn't want to open it.


Other than leaving the top section soaked for a few minutes, the labels came off super-easy with the scrapper and was able to clean up any residue with a rag.  One still had a pricing tag and that came off no problem as well.


Space Shuttle, Keystone Kapers and Stampede are ready!





I'm currently hunting for some bargains in getting some Activision carts from FB Marketplace, eBay and Kijiji.  Based on a couple of appointments I should have about 30 or so cartridges in the next few days.  Surprised how hard it is to find reasonably-priced carts of Skiing and Tennis!


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